It mainly excels in the creative industries of graphic design, video editing, and web development. With pay-as-you-go and subscription-based options, Alibaba Cloud Computing services are offered in a number of plans starting at $19.99 per month and going up to $8,000 per month for enterprises. Alibaba is the strongest cloud leader in Asia with a growing market in the rest of the world.

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Large firms are expected to increasingly utilize this technology to streamline processes, which will support the segment’s growth. Demand for cloud computing services will increase as large enterprises expand in developed and developing countries. In 2022, Software as a Service (SaaS) segment was expected to have the largest market share. This growth is due to its ease of deployment, low maintenance costs, and low cost of ownership. During the forecast period, the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) segment is expected to grow at the fastest rate. The increase can be attributed to the increasing adoption of hybrid cloud platforms as well as the rising demand for business data storage and security solutions.

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Cloud computing over a CSP’s infrastructure involves transferring data remotely and accessing it from any computer or device with an internet connection. Yet, CSPs are not infallible, so hackers can infiltrate their systems and compromise customer data, resulting in reputational damage, losing customers, and lawsuits. While this survey visualizes the trends of over 400 private cloud companies, the Bessemer team has also analyzed what best-in-class cloud companies look like in our Cloud 100 Benchmarks for 2023. 52% of all surveyed cloud companies are headquartered in California, with over 34 companies based specifically in the Silicon Valley cities of Palo Alto (10), Mountain View (8), Santa Clara (8), or San Mateo (8). While our Cloud 100 Benchmarks act as an industry yardstick for best-in-class private cloud performance, this survey widens the aperture by more than 4x to assess performance of private cloud companies of every stage and scale.

global com cloud it company

This location intelligence technology has proven useful for a wide range of business use cases and is relied on by marketers, analysts and developers. VMWare’s cloud computing services let companies do a variety of things, such as run, manage, connect and protect their applications on any cloud. They can also choose the best type of cloud for their needs and deploy a single operational and security model across clouds (both public and private). The company offers cloud products that range from wireless LAN systems to enhanced security and SD-WAN technologies. Meraki also specializes in enhanced IoT, with secure smart cameras and mobile management devices. MIT, Audi and Make-A-Wish have been among the brands to trust Meraki with their cloud-based networks.

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They’re becoming a major part of how businesses operate thanks to their accessible pricing and availability models. Cloud services range from cloud storage to computing power, and analytics and could even be utilized for software development. Based on industry, the market is divided into Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance (BFSI), government, IT & telecommunications, healthcare, consumer goods and retail, manufacturing, and others. The IT & telecommunications segment holds the largest market share, owing to the growing popularity of cloud-based computing solutions among small and medium enterprises.

  • Moreover, edge computing has increased the adoption of hybrid cloud models in businesses globally.
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  • The platform can integrate with other cloud platforms, like One Drive or DropBox, through two-way or one-way syncing.
  • Yet, the CSP runs across 26 regions, operating over 70 Availability Zones in Northeast and Southeast Asia, South Asia, Oceania, Europe, as well as North and South America.
  • Thus, the growing investment by cloud providers to develop data centers is expected to create significant market opportunities for market growth in the post-pandemic period.

The platform includes app discovery to help cut down on programs that serve duplicate purposes, security capabilities that identify risks and task automation. Icertis is a cloud-based software management solution that helps companies manage contracts and improve compliance. Products include Icertis Contract Intelligence, which lets users proactively monitor contracts to ensure full compliance, improve governance, reduce cycle times and more.